The Organisers

Barbara Franchi

I am a third-year PhD student at the School of English, University of Kent. My thesis focuses on strategies of intertextuality and ekphrasis in A. S. Byatt’s fiction.

In particular, it examines how the presence of past literary and ekphrastic sources affects five major discourses across Byatt’s narratives: geographical oppositions, war narratives, science, visual arts and literary creativity.

My research is informed with the Bildungsroman tradition, cultural meBarbaramory studies, science in literature and the medical humanities. I am also interested in the novel in the 19th and 20th century, neo-Victorian fiction, feminism and queer studies, and oral genres of literature (in particular, fairy tales).

I am a member of the Centre for Victorian Literature and Culture, and I was the School’s Postgraduate delegate at the 2014 Dickens Universe at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

I am also a member of the Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Writing: I organise and run the monthly reading group sessions and, in March 2014, I represented the School of English at the Feminist Theory Workshop at Duke University (North Carolina).


Elvan Mutlu

I am a PhD student at the School of English, University of Kent and I am working on late-Victorian romance fiction. Mutlu,%20E

My research interests cover several aspects of Victorian literature, especially the Victorian Supernatural and late-Victorian romance fiction, British colonial/imperial literature, postcolonial literature and theory,  travel writing, landscape studies, the works of agricultural writers and South African literature.

I am also a member of the British Association for Victorian Studies, Postcolonial Studies Association and Victorian Popular Fiction Association.



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