Victorian Travel and Imperial Spaces: A Symposium

 University of Kent, 1516 May 2015

 Conference Programme

 Friday, 15th of May 2015

8.309.00: Registration and Coffee (Grimond Foyer)

9.0010.30: SESSION 1 (Parallel Sessions)

A) Seascapes across Victorian and NeoVictorian Texts (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

CHAIR: Barbara Franchi (Kent)

1)  Alex Hobson (Aberystwyth): Ghost Ships, Death-fires, and the Spirit of the Pole: The haunting of the 19th Century Sea Narrative

2)  Mariadele Boccardi (University of the West of England): Travel, otherness and domesticity in the Neo-Victorian antipodes

3)  Daný van Dam (Cardiff): Imperial Travel as an ‘Othering’ Device in Gail Jones’ Sixty Lights (2004)

B) Portable Empires and Material Culture (Grimond Lecture Theatre 3)

CHAIR: Raquel Garcia-Cuevas-Garcia (Kent)

1)  Hannah Lewis-Bill (Exeter): Our Mutual Friend and the China Question

2)  Katja May (Kent): Portable Empire: Objects and National Identity in Victorian England

10.3510.45: OPENING ADDRESS (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2): Wendy Parkins (Kent)

10.4512.15: KEYNOTE LECTURE (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

Doctor Silvia Antosa (University of Palermo): Richard Francis Burton’s Oriental Encounters: Eccentricity, Difference, Displacement

CHAIR: Ben Grant (Kent)

12.1513.15: Lunch (Grimond Foyer)

13.1514.45: SESSION 2 (Parallel Sessions)

C) Mediterranean Spaces (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

CHAIR: tbc

1) Amara Thornton (UCL): Women Writing Archaeology

2) Asli Kutluk (METU): ‘Image of the Turk in Julia Pardoe’s The City of the Sultan and the Domestic Manners of the Turks

3) Haythem Bastawy (Leeds Trinity): ‘Victorian Days and The Arabian Nights: A Study of the Influence of The Arabian Nights on Victorian Literature and Imperialism

D) Domestic and Public Spaces in India (Grimond Lecture Theatre 3)

CHAIR: Pauline McGonagle (Kent)

1) Éadaoin Agnew (Kingston): There’s no place like home: Domestic Spaces in Imperial India

2)  John Anders (Kent): Kipling the Oriental Tourist


15.00: Bus to Chatham and Visit to Chatham Dockyard

20.00: Conference Dinner at The Parrot


Saturday, 16th of May 2015

9.009.30: Tea and Coffee (Grimond Foyer)

9.3010.30: SESSION 3 (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

E) African Spaces

CHAIR: Elvan Mutlu (Kent)

1)   Elizabeth Mills (UCL): ‘That far-off Southern tomb’: visions and versions of South Africa in British newspaper poetry of the second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

2)   Lara Atkin (Queen Mary): ‘Conceive of a Tale of London Which a Negro, Fresh from Central Africa, Would Take Back To His Tribe!’ Re-Imagining Time/Travel: Situating H. G. Wells’s The Time-Machine in the Context of late-Victorian African Exploration

10.4512.15: PLENARY LECTURE (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

Professor Abdulrazak Gurnah (University of Kent): Somewhere in Africa

CHAIR: Barbara Franchi (Kent)

12.1513.30: Lunch (Grimond Foyer)

13.3015.00: SESSION 4 (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

F Artists travelling across Europe

CHAIR: Catherine Waters (Kent)

1)  Anna Maria Barry (Oxford Brookes): Adventurer and Opera Singer: The Theatrical Travel Writing of Sir Charles Santley

2)  Leonie Wanitzek (Oxford): ‘Only English’? Vernon Lee’s Identity and her Essays on Italian Places

3)  Sarah Haden (Keele): Geography of Narrative in Henry James’s The Wings of the Dove

15.0015.30: Tea and Coffee (Grimond Foyer)

15.3017.00: SESSION 5 (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

G) Victorian Travel Across Europe

CHAIR: Katja May (Kent)

1)  Rebecka Klette (Birbeck): German Nature(s): Jerome K. and reading national character into landscape

2)  Laura Nixon (Nottingham): Travel broadens the mind: Carmen Sylva’s Anglo-Romanian journeys

3)  Alan McNee (Independent Researcher): ‘Tormented by cockneys’: class conflict and irreverence in Victorian mountain tourism

17.00- 18.45: SESSION 6 (Grimond Lecture Theatre 2)

H) Localities and English National Identity

CHAIR: Daný van Dam (Cardiff)

1)  Heidi Liedke (Freiburg): The Emotional Conquering of Space and Time in Victorian Travel Literature

2)  Hannah Manktelow (Nottingham): “They reserve themselves for the London theatres”: Railways, Redefined Boundaries, and Loss of Local Shakespeare

3)  Selina Philpin (Cardiff Metropolitan): “Up the River”: An Ecocritical Reading of Leisure and Capital in George Dunlop Leslie’s Our River: Personal Reminiscences of an Artist’s Life on the River Thames (1881)





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